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XANTHAN GUM TRANSPARENT - Goma de Xantano tranparente - Xanthan gum transparent - Gomme xanthane transparente

Konsistenzgeber                     -     Verdickungsmittel - E415
Regulador de consitencia     -    Aumentador de densidad
Regulator of visco                    -    Thickening agent
Régulateur de consistence   -    Èpaisissant

Xanthan Gum Transparent is derived from the fermentation of glucose or sucrose via the Xanthomonas campestris bacterium.1 Its main chain is constituted of glucose units. The side chain is a trisaccharide, consisting of alpha-D-mannose which contains an acetyl group, beta-D-glucuronic acid, and a terminal beta-D-mannose unit linked with a pyruvate group. The mayor application of Xanthan Gum Transparent lies in the food industry. So our Xanthan Gum transparent is food grade and used to increase the viscosity of aqueous solutions without having an own characteristic taste or odour. Furthermore it gratefully stabilizes o/w-emulsions in cosmetic preparations by keeping the microscopically small oil drops within the aqueous phase after mixing. Xanthan Gum Transparent solutions show very high resistance towards acid and heat treatment as well as excellent salt tolerance. The huge advantage of Xanthan Gum Transparent is its user friendly handling. Even at room temperature you get a completely clear and homogenous gel by simply mixing water with 0.5 % of Xanthan Gum Transparent for app. 15 min. To disperse the product without lumps we suggest premixing the powder with the other dry ingredients or dispersing it in a non-solvent medium (e.g. oil or alcohol) and pour the preparation into the liquid while stirring. Furthermore, continue stirring to obtain a complete dispersion.
pH: 1% aqueous solution 5.5 - 8.1
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10g                      Art. Nr. 101398
100g                   Art. Nr. 101397
250g                   Art. Nr. 101399
500g                   Art. Nr. 101400
1000g                 Art. Nr. 101396