Seifenformen Milky Way I
Seifenformen Milky Way II
Seifenformen Milky Way Large
Wax Tarts Milky Way
Blockform u. Dividor
Stempel / Stamps
Verpackung - Packing
Organza Säcke Bags Bolsas
Gieß.- Rohseife / Flüssigseife
BIO Öle / Butter / Organic
Öle u. Butter / Aceites
Rohstoffe / Materias Primas
Milch / Leche
Emulgatoren / Emulsionantes
Konservierung / Preservative
Tenside SLSA / Agente Tensoactivo
Gelbildner / Agentes viscosantes
Ultramarin /Oxide / Pigmentos
Naturfarben  / Natural Colorants
Pigmente  D&C / Colores
Pearlescent MICAS
Tonerde u. Peelings / Arcilla
Fruchtpulver / Fruit powder
Dekorative Kosmetik / Color cosmetic
Hydroglycerin Extracts BIO
Hydrolate / Flower water BIO
BIO Äth. Öle. / A. escencial
Äth. Öle / A. esencial
Naturident. Öle /  A. esen. inden.
Parfümöle / Fragrance
Parfümöle / Frangrance NATUR
Kräuter u. Blüten / hierbas
AGB u. Impressum
Versandkosten / Shipment

Stamp Awareness Ribbon

Art. Nr. STP-AWRIB6055

Stamp Budding Flower

Art. STP-BUDF6004

Stamp Blosson

Art. Nr. STP-BLOS6003

Stamp Butterfly

Art. Nr. STP-BUTFL6002

Stamp Cat

Art. Nr. STP-CAT6046

Stamp Cat Face

Art. Nr. STP-CATF1231

Stamp Celtic Heart

Art. Nr. ST-CHT6005

Stamp Celtic Lace

Art. Nr. STP-CELTLA6006

Stamp Dog

Art. Nr. STP-DOG6009

Stamp Dolphin

Art. Nr. STP-DOL6047

Stamp Dove

Art. Nr. STP-DOVE6011

Stamp Dragon

Art. Nr. STP-DRAG1234

Stamp Dragon Fly

Art. Nr. STP-DRFL6011

Stamp Fan Flower

Art. Nr. ST-FF6012

Stamp Fleur de lis

Art. Nr. STP-FLEUR6014

Stamp Flying Bee

Art. Nr. ST-FB6052

Stamp Goat Head

Art. Nr. STP-GOATHD6054

Stamp Goat Milk

Art. Nr. ST-GM6018

Stamp Goddess

Art. Nr. STP-GODS6017

Stamp Hand

Art. Nr. STP-HAND6019

Stamp Handmade

Art. Nr. STP-HANDMA6021

Stamp Heart

Art. Nr. STP-HEART6022

Stamp Holly Leaf

Art. Nr. STP-HOL6048

Stamp Honey bee


Stamp Lavender

Art. STP-LAV6025

Stamp Leaf

Art. Nr. STP-LEAF6027

Stamp Oak Leaf

Art. Nr. STP-OAKL6032

Stamp Olive Oil

Art. Nr. STP-OLIV6049

Stamp Palm tree

Art. Nr. STP-PALMS1232

Stamp Paw Print Stempel

Art. Nr. STP-PAW6033

Stamp Pinecone Soap

Art. Nr. STP-PINEC6057

Stamp Rose

Art. Nr. ST-ROS6050

Stamp Soap

Art. Nr. STP-SOAP6051

Stamp Spiral Flower

Art. Nr. STP-SPIRF6039

Stamp Sun

Art. Nr. STP-SUN6042

Stamp Sunflower

Art. Nr. STP-SUNFL6043

Stamp Thistle

Art. Nr. STP-THIS1235

Stamp Tulip

Art. Nr. STP-TUL1233

Stamp Turtle

Art. Nr. STP-TUR6044

Stamp Ying Yang

Art. Nr. STP-YY6045

Follow these suggestions for successful stamping: To create an impression in soap, center the image end of the stamp on the soap then lightly tap the wooden end of the stamp with a hammer 2 to 3 times. A regular hammer works well, but wooden or rubber mallets are gentler on the wood. Practice on scrap soap to get comfortable with the process. A flat soap surface allows for even, consistent images. You don't need to stamp too deep- about 1/8 inch is plenty. The deeper the impression, the more soap is displaced, which can warp the outer edges of the bar. Smaller bars can be stamped to a lesser depth to avoid warping or breakage. Depending upon the formulation of your soap, the soap may be ready for stamping as soon as it's unmolded. Softer and/or superfatted soaps may require a few days of aging. The soap should not stick to the stamp; if it does, the soap needs to harden a bit. Stamped designs show up best on colored bars.